Revisit six women truck drivers we inroduced in 2019

Jayne Denham stopped by the Truckers News booth during the Great American Trucking Show.Jayne Denham stopped by the Truckers News booth during the Great American Trucking Show.

As 2019 comes to a close, we’re looking back at some of the great women in the trucking industry that we profiled during the second half of the year. These women come from all walks of the trucking industry, including company drivers, owner-operators, recruiting and more.

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Click on each driver’s name to learn more about them and their trucking careers:

1. Jayne Denham

Australian singer-songwriter Jayne Denham may not be a trucker herself but she’s earned her place in both the Australian and American trucking industries. Denham, who comes from an Australian flatbedding family, made her U.S. debut at the 2016 Mid-America Trucking Show. We caught up with Denham in October to talk about her experiences with the U.S. trucking industry so far. 

Tamara BrockTamara Brock

2. Tamara Brock

Leased owner-operator Tamara Brock is turning her successful trucking career into a recruiting career. She found success in recruiting through her YouTube channel – boasting 30,000+ subscribers – where she posts updates on her over-the-road life and dishes out advice. Just two years after formalizing her recruiting business, she says she now has over 50 companies that she works with. 

3. Hope Zvara and Mother Trucker Yoga

Hope Zvara, co-founder of Mother Trucker Yoga, is on a mission to transform driver health one small move at a time. Zvara has almost 20 years of experience in the health and fitness realm as a yoga instructor, yoga studio owner, and more. Since launching Mother Trucker Yoga she has immersed herself in trucking to try and better understand drivers’ needs, and to design practical fitness programs for them. 

4. Jewel Frazier

Tina CopelandTina Copeland

C.R. England recruiter Jewel Frazier is a two-time Ms. Utah World and she lifts up women truckers as part of her pageantry platform. In August, Frazier led an assembly of beauty bags containing treats and toiletries for C.R. England’s female drivers.

5. Kandy Qualls

Truck driver Kandy Qualls was among this year’s ten Mike O’Connell Trucking’s Top Rookie award finalists. Before she became a truck driver she spent 20 years as a machinist working on everything from Eaton transmissions for trucks to landing gears for Airbus and the military. 

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6. Tina Copeland

In this edition of our podcast, truck driver and veteran Tina Copeland talks about repairing a downed helicopter under enemy fire in Iraq, and overcoming the psychological stress of war to make her mark first as a company driver then as an owner-operator.