ICYMI: August’s most-read stories on Truckers News

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Updated Sep 10, 2018

August was a mixed bag of trucking news, and that’s reflected in the most-read stories on Truckers News.

It was a month that saw three separate major drug arrests, and a tragic collision that claimed the lives of two truckers. A couple of trucking mishaps covered highways with chicken nuggets and fishing bait.

And, readers responded to a pair of touching stories: one about an older man turning to trucking to pay his wife’s mounting medical bills and another about truckers turning out to help a young man in need.

  1. Truckers busted for hauling $1 million worth of pot.
  2. Two truckers die in Mississippi head-on collision.
  3. Trucker busted for $5 million in pot by New Jersey troopers.
  4. At 87 he wants to start trucking to pay wife’s medical bills.
  5. FMCSA seeks approval for hours of service ‘pre rule’.
  6. What a catch!
  7. 94 new truck parking spaces added in southeast Texas.
  8. Truck loaded with bait crashes in Maine.
  9. Chicken nuggets spilled when train hits tractor-trailer.
  10. Truckers unite in support of truck-loving Wisconsin boy.