Tune in to ‘Ice Road Truckers’ finale tonight

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Updated Nov 10, 2017
A three-truck convoy included Reno Ward returning to “Ice Road truckers.”A three-truck convoy included Reno Ward returning to “Ice Road truckers.”

It has been quite the demanding season for the men and women of “Ice Road Truckers.”

But, that’s the point, right?

This season it seemed as though every one of the drivers’ trucks had mechanical problems and they all wound up in some sort of on-road mishap. Once again, mild weather caused problems when road started to deteriorate. And, fans will remember this as the season Reno Ward showed up to follow in his father’s ice road footprints.

Well, it all comes to a close tonight when the last episode of the season airs at 10 p.m. Eastern and 9 p.m. Central on the History cable channel.

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