FedEx driver wins grand champ title at Ohio competition

Scott Woodrome has been Ohio’s grand champion for three consecutive times. (Image Courtesy of Ohio Trucking Association)Scott Woodrome has been Ohio’s grand champion for three consecutive times. (Image Courtesy of Ohio Trucking Association)

FedEx Freight’s Scott Woodrome claimed the Ohio Truck Driving Championship‘s grand champion title for the third consecutive time. Woodrome also won first place in the twin trailers class. The competition was held May 17-18 in Sandusky.

Woodrome won last year’s national grand champion title at the National Truck Driving Championships. He has competed in the state-level championships 14 times and has won each year. He was named the 2006 Ohio Rookie of the Year.

“It’s kind of like a dream come true. It’s something that you work for but you never know how the numbers are going to roll out,” Woodrome said last year about winning the 2018 national grand champion title. “I keep comparing it to a journey because sometimes you start climbing up that mountain then you slip a little bit, but then you keep climbing because you know the goal is in sight and finally when your name is called out, you’re standing up there with such a satisfying, wonderful feeling of accomplishment.”

Woodrome and the other class winners will advance to the 2019 National Truck Driving Championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aug. 14-17.

The winners were: 

Grand Champion: Scott Woodrome, FedEx Freight

Rookie of the Year: Michael Wozniak, ABF Freight

3-Axle: Richard Thatcher, YRC Freight

4-Axle: Bryan Aukerman, FedEx Freight

5-Axle: Junior Allen, Martin-Brower

Flatbed: Bryan Elges, FedEx Freight

Sleeper Berth: Eugene Pierce, Old Dominion Freight Line

Step Van: Aaron Snyder, FedEx Ground

Straight Truck: Jason Imhoff, Walmart Transportation

Tanker: Jeffrey Goblirsch, FedEx Freight

Twin Trailers: Scott Woodrome, FedEx Freight

Large Team Champion: FedEx Freight

Small Team Champion: Martin-Bower

Sportsman’s Award: Mike Durbin, Ross Transportation

Chairman’s Award: Scott Woodrome, FedEx Freight

Charles Mefford Volunteer of the Year Award: Jim Murphy, Walmart Transportation