Poll finds how professional drivers feel about the new year

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Updated Jan 3, 2022
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Truckers have modest expectations for what's ahead in 2022. Given what's gone on in the nation and the trucking industry the past couple of years, it's no wonder their outlook is pretty much reserved.

An online poll by Truckers News found:

  • Shutterstock 1118879588 (1)30% say they are cautiously optimistic
  • 21.9% agreed with the statement, "Wish I had more reason to be optimistic."
  • 16.4% said they just hope its better than 2021
  • 13.7% said their outlook is "especially optimistic"
  • 13.3% said they are not looking forward to the new year
  • 4.7% had other responses

Those who chose "other" had comments, which included:

"No matter. I quit."

Several simply said, "Retired."  One said, "Retiring... over it."

"The core problems have not been identified. Same old same old plantation."

A Canadian driver said, "I will stop crossing border end of the year because government mandate."

"Leaving the industry."

One driver said they were "cautiously optimistic" but added, "we might have a shortage of diesel exhaust fluid."

And one offered what seems to be a solid bit of advice, "One day at a time."

We also asked drivers what they thought about 2021.


However you view it, may the new year be a happy one for you and yours.