Look back: 10 most read Truckers News stories from 2015

Freightliner’s Inspiration Truck

The trucking industry was busy in 2015. Regulations were discussed with the American Trucking Association (ATA) renewing its call for 65 mile per hour speed limiters, and Ohio proposed “right lane only” rule. Freightliner unveiled its self-driving Inspiration Truck, while “Ice Road Truckers” kicked off for another season.

These were the 10 most read stories on Truckers News in 2015:

1. “Ice Road Truckers” begins new season Sunday with some changes (Read it here.)

Ice Road Truckers returned for its ninth season in August, and the new season included some big changes. Spoiler alerts ahead if you didn’t watch the season. Hugh Rowland didn’t return, Lisa Kelly joined Darrell Ward at his new company and new guy Mike Simmons joined Polar.

2. Time to require 65 mph speed limiters on all trucks, says ATA (Read it here.)

In April, the American Trucking Association renewed its call for the Department of Transportation to require electronic speed limiters on all large trucks, to be set a no more than 65 miles per hour. The ATA said in a statement, that slowing trucks down would reduce the severity and frequency of crashes.

3. Inspection blitz next week: Are you ready? (Read it here.)

The annual joint inspection by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, FMCSA and others took place June 2-4. Inspectors from state, local and federal agencies were expected to perform nearly 70,000 inspections on trucks and buses in the 72-hour time frame. They were stationed at 1,500 inspection points across North America.

4. Photos: Get a good look at Freightliner self-driving truck (Read it here.)

Freightliner pulled the curtain back on its Inspiration Truck in May. The Inspiration Truck is the first self-driving truck licensed by a state, in this case Nevada. Truckers News had the photos to take you inside the truck.

5. Reminder: Operation Safe Driver Week starts Sunday (Read it here.)

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 2015 Operation Safe Driver Week had truckers talking in October. During Oct. 18-24, drivers could expect heightened safety traffic enforcement as the week-long safety initiative had officers out for increased on-highway inspections and educational safety programs.

6. Kentucky driver shut down after crash that killed 6 (Read it here.)

Kentucky-licensed truck driver Benjamin Scott Brewer was ordered by the FMCSA not to operate any commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce after his involvement in a nine-vehicle crash on Interstate 75 in Chattanooga, Tenn., that had six fatalities.

7. Woman suggests truckers make Walmart parking lot unsafe (Read it here.)

An Arkansas woman complained to news site Arkansas Matters that truck drivers parking overnight at the Walmart in Lonoke, Ark. made it unsafe.

8. Proposed ‘Right Lane’ law has folks fuming (Read it here.)

A law proposed in Ohio wanted to require trucks to mostly stick to the right lane. Truckers News captured reader comments in this March story.

9. Suicide by Truck: Driver & counselor discuss the issue (Read it here.)

Trucker News‘ sister publication Overdrive took a look at the issue of individuals committing suicide by truck, leaving the truck driver to bare a heavy emotional load.

10. Rule to change diabetes standard proposed (Read it here.)

A proposed rule in May wanted to allow drivers with diabetes to obtain a medical examiner’s certificate at least once a year in order to operate in interstate commerce as long as the diabetes is stable and well-controlled.

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