Revisit our 10 most watched videos from 2018

Updated Dec 29, 2018

2018 Year In Trucking 400In 2018, Truckers News shared with you videos of highway madness, mishaps, and misfortunes. Revisit our 10 most watched video stories below.

You can click on each headline link to see the original story that goes with each video:

1. At 87 he wants to start trucking to pay wife’s medical bills

2. Not the sort of wake-up call you want at a truck stop

3. Trucker trapped upside down for 2 hours

4. Bridge collapses as truck drives across

5. Tractor-trailer leaves highway, enters toll road & hits pickup

6. Residents complain about Las Vegas ‘pop up’ truck stop

7. New interstate across the South suggested

8. Trucker dies in crash on Washington, D.C. area bridge

9. Pickup’s driver pays price for brake checking trucker

10. Self-driving Pete goes coast to coast